Working with Good Stuff

Women all over the nation are realizing their talents and gifts beyond what they traditionally considered their “hobby” or just something they do in their leisure time. Realistically, many of us stay in the “hobby zone” until we receive an epiphany: I’m Working With Good Stuff.

For example, artwork that quite possibly no one outside of those who live in their home will ever see, baking delicious goodies which only the family gets to taste, snapping lovely photos of friends—we might only get a glimpse on your Flickr, or making jewelry exclusively for your nieces and nephews. Really?!

What is it that really keeps some of us from pursuing our interests? Undoubtedly, many of us are truly fulfilled by our eight to five, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! In the field of public health, I’ll be the first to say that building relationships with a variety of people from different communities across the nation is one of my favorite things to do. I sow into people’s lives for a living; I influence healthy lifestyle behavior. However, there is also that quirky side of me that has absolutely nothing to do with the preventive health and everything to do with artsy expression, doodling my ethnic faces, and diving fearlessly into entrepreneurship.

Posh Ink Word Graphic

I believe it takes several things when starting a new business venture:

1.  True passion.

2.  A strong support system.

3.  The thrill for adventure.

4.  The ability to triumph over fear.

5.  Thinking outside of the box!


In John C. Maxwell’s book, “How Successful People Think”, he includes a list of phrases under the title, How to Discover the Joy of Creative Thinking. Of his list, I picked some common Creativity Killers:

 Remove Creativity Killers

  • I’m Not a Creative Person                                              
  • Follow the Rules
  • Don’t Be Different
  • Stay Within the Lines
  • Be Practical
  • Be Serious
  • Think of Your Image
  • That’s Not Logical
  • It’s Not Practical
  • It Will Be Too Hard to Administer
  • We Don’t Have Time
  • We Don’t Have the Money
  • Yes, but…
  • Pay Is Frivolous
  • Failure Is Final

 There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your passion come to life; I love my creative outlet. My words to you…Live passionately with no regrets!


Live. Your. Passion.

There are so many sources of inspiration for females seeking support from other like-minded individuals and I admire those who share their stories with others. Looking for more female entrepreneur support? Check out the link below:

Stay tuned for my Creativity Builders.









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