My 13 Creativity Builders

In my last I Heart Inspiration post I mentioned that many women are embracing their gifts and turning their hobbies into businesses. They are the ones who have abandoned the act of hiding their gifts and talents from the world, and have stepped out to share them with the rest of us. Woohoo!

I have always been encouraged by my mother to pursue my creative interests, however, timing was never the best for me—too much to do and not enough time to do it. Between pursuing educational endeavors, traveling and working, my dynamic lifestyle had not allowed me to just have a little fun and create. Up until recently, I realized that my artsy side has been sitting dormant, and as soon as it was reactivated, it began to somewhat erupt…like a volcano, you know?

I have discovered that my creativity is largely contributed to my way of thinking. I am most productive when my thoughts remain optimistic. It truly makes a difference in my daily pursuits and my interactions with those whom I come in contact with.

I mentioned previously five things I believe to be a necessity when pursuing a new business venture: (1) true passion, (2) a strong support system, (3) thrill for adventure (4) ability to triumph over fear, and (5) thinking outside of the box.

My thoughts in relation to John C. Maxwell’s, “How Successful People Think”, Creativity Killers, are listed below:

My Creativity Builders:

  • I Was Uniquely Designed To Share Something Special
  • I Enjoy Being Creative
  • Don’t Worry About Going Against the Grain
  • You CAN Enjoy What You Do
  • Have Fun
  • Criticism Is A Non-Factor
  • Being Goofy Is Okay
  • Think Outside of the Box
  • I’m Not Sure How, But I’ll Find Out
  • I Can Find Funding
  • Payoff Will Come
  • If I Can Inspire Someone Else, It’s Worth It
  • I Will Be Successful

You cannot depend solely on others to build you up, build yourself up through positive thoughts, creative thinking, and daily mantras. It’s not corny, it’s necessary! Make it happen.  Live passionately.

How do YOU keep a positive mind? Let me know! Comment Below.


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