Kandi Burruss. A Boss!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reality star, Kandi Burruss, is the ultimate definition of a modern, exceptional businesswoman. She has managed to build her empire using her raw talents and artistic gifts. She’s a singer, song-writer, producer, actress, television personality, and a natural-born go-getter! Unlike many of her counterparts, Kandi’s success did not happen after a celebrity marriage come-up! Kandi has been on the grind since her teens.

Who does not remember singing at the top of their lungs, “Who Can I Run To”, by the all-female group Xscape? Clearly the jam!

Since her Xscape days, Kandi Burruss has done exceptionally well: producing, songwriting, spin-offs including The Kandi Factory and Kandi’s Wedding, her Ustream sex & relationship series, and Bedroom Kandi—her own adult toy company. I have not yet indulged in Bedroom Kandi, but I give props to her nonetheless…Ha!

According to the latest celebrity worth stats, Kandi’s estimated net worth is $35 Million, with a yearly salary over $400,000.00.


To me, Kandi Burruss exemplifies the ideal womanhood because she is pretty much self-made and independent.   She knows exactly what she wants and goes after it. Kandi does not stay “within the lines” and that is exactly how a brilliant mind works. For all of us modern women on the move, take notes from Kandi. I am. To be honest, she is who I aspire to be. Let me clarify that… I am not interested in being a TV personality (becoming a ATL Housewife or ANY Housewife, for that matter). However, I admire her entrepreneur savvy, innovative thinking, down-to-earth being, and money-making self! LoL, I am not mad. She is passionate about her work and she is living successfully. Kandi, keep doing your thing!



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Live. Your. Passion.




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