Posh Naturalista of the Week

This week’s NATURAL POSH BEAUTY is Shakira Wyms, in Tampa, FL.

“My inspiration as a woman comes from the strength of my Momma, Grandma and my Aunts. They’re 3 strong women who are the Rocks of my family. That inspires me to the fullest. Being natural to me is a freeing feeling. My style is funky, wild and free! I let my hair do whatever it feels! I didn’t just go natural, I went back to my original roots.”

Thanks Kira for supporting PoshBlog! –Alli

Want to be a Posh Naturalista?

In 50 words or less, tell us what inspires you as woman and your natural look.  You’ll be added to the “Natural Posh Gallery” and be featured as our Posh Naturalista of the Week.

Allison@poshink.NET  **not com**  (include your name, webpage, and location).

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