Spending Time with Good People

Hello Posh Blog Lovelies ! I apologize for my long absence. For someone who is supposed to be writing about lifestyle I have to admit I haven’t been doing much living lately. My life has been on straight auto-pilot: work, eat, sleep, repeat.

I was able to live a little recently when we celebrated my aunt Jackie , one of my favorite people in the world, at a Tea Party Baby Shower. It was quite lovely to break up the mundane flow of regular life by dressing up and taking high tea.

IMG_0562The party wasn’t glamorous as all the ideas I’d pinned on Pinterest originally , but we were able to pull everything together to make a really sweet event.

Spending time with my aunt reminds me why it is so important to surround yourself with good people. When the world is beating you down and the struggle is too real, it’s good to have people around you that love you and appreciate you. People who will lift your spirits and give you the encouragement you need to stay the course. I’ve spent many an afternoon at her house complaining about the minefield of confusion that is being in my twenties, and I always  leave her house more clear and confident then when I came.


The key to my happiness these days is having a carefully crafted inner circle. The people who I allow to be close to me are some of the most positive, loving, ambitious, and beautiful people I have ever known. Especially when I’m feeling down and out, even a 10 minute phone call with any one of my besties will completely recharge my batteries. It has brought me such inner peace to surround myself with people that love me as I am right now, and push me everyday to be a better version of myself.

I think you should treat your inner circle like you would a prized garden. Plant only positive people. Fertilize your relationships with encouragement, laughter, and appreciation. Prune out regularly those relationships that no longer serve you. Weed out those energy vampires that just appear in your life just to cause chaos and mayhem. I’m struggling with this gardening metaphor, but you get it. Not just anyone gets front seat to experience the wonderfulness that is you.

I could go and on about why its so important to choose carefully the people in your life, but I’ll spare you the boredom and leave you with my favorite bit of wisdom that I probably picked up on tumblr one day:




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