Give Me Just a Sec…

Good afternoon!  I say that, thinking about how incredibly stressful my day was on yesterday.  You know, one of those days where it starts off wrong as soon as you plant your feet?

All of my electronic devices decided to go haywire at the same time, leaving me irritated and frustrated.  Also, the satellite installer decided that my balcony was facing the wrong direction, so I had to cancel my recent cancellation request with my cable provider–there goes my plan to save a little change each month!  Trying to find separate internet service was another fail, so again, no saving money…  A cell phone that I love has twice malfunctioned–now I am receiving my 2nd warranty phone in 4 months…yippie!

The onslaught of technical difficulties and frustration lingered over to my overall attitude for the day–needless to say I wasn’t the bubbliest individual you would have liked to encounter.  How my negative days typically go: I remind myself of everything that is going wrong, over and over, why it was going wrong, and why it never goes right.  Oh, the struggle.

Before going to bed I had to remind myself that there are so many worse things going on in the world.  My trivial inconveniences are just a reminder to me that we all have unfortunate things happen to us on a regular…t’s inevitable!  So, it shouldn’t be a surprise when it happens–it just shouldn’t.  Negative and unfavorable events keeps us on our toes–keeps us prayerful.  These events also remind me to pray for friends and family members who may possibly be going through their own issues.  Nothing will ever be perfect, everything will not go my way.  Each day brings new challenges and a positive perspective is what really keeps me going.  Thinking negatively has simply never benefited me any.

That being said, don’t let the small things take away your joy.  Enjoy the rest of your week and keep smiling!


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