Top 5 Must Have…

Ok Posh Stars….with this artic blast coming down on us I think it’s safe to say that fall has truely, truely arrived esp in Houston. So I came up with 5 Must haves that I believe every fashionista should have in their fall/winter wardrobe.
(1) Thick Chunky Scarf
The is a lovely piece of knit that comes in all colors n textures and it goes with every outfit you can think of.
(2) Boots
Boots are a must have. You can dress them down, you can dress them up. They have tall ones and short ones. They go perfect with your favorite pair of jeans and great with a leather mini skirt for a night out with your girls.
(3) Leggings/Denim
This here Posh Stars is a 2 for 1. Both leggings n denim are great must have to have for the fall. They are both comfortable, warm, and stylish.
(4) Oversize Sweater
Now that the fall is here I am on the hunt for sweaters. I’m realy on the hunt for big collar sweaters (the bigger the better for me). You can do so much with sweaters and this season you have so many to choose from. You can’t go wrong.
(5) A Hot Bag
Now whats fall/winter without rocking a fab bag.  A nice bag is also a statement pcs a way to express your self. If your not a purse toting,  clutch holding kind of girl, swap it out for a back pack.  Yes I said back pack! Grab a cute leather back pack or even a denim back pack and rock out!!!

P. S. If you combine 1-5 you’ll have the perfect outfit!!








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