2015 Wishes

Have a Splendid, Wonderful, and Happy New Year!!! Wishing you #Peace, #Prosperity, #Health, and a whole bunch of #Blessings in 2015 🙂 -Alli

Merry Christmas from PoshBlog!

As you relish the goodies, decorate every nook and corner of your home and enjoy the get-togethers… May the joy and festivities continue to radiate in your lives, long after Christmas is gone. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Merry Christmas from PoshBlog!!

Coily Hair Stocking Stuffers

Christmas in 3 days?!  No worries.  If you have waited to the very last minute to decide on gifts for your girlfriends, I have put together a select few ideas for stocking stuffers that will be sure to put a smile on a natural girl’s face!  These gifts can be found at your local beauty…

Fall Hair Don’t Care

Hey Posh Naturalistas!  If you’ve stepped outdoors lately, you are clearly aware of the fact that fall is in full effect.  Since I’m sort of a procrastinator, I didn’t have a pre-determined fall hairdo, so now I’m playing catchup in the midst of “ashy season”.  I am not opposed to throwing a wig on or…