Coily Hair Stocking Stuffers

Christmas in 3 days?!  No worries.  If you have waited to the very last minute to decide on gifts for your girlfriends, I have put together a select few ideas for stocking stuffers that will be sure to put a smile on a natural girl’s face!  These gifts can be found at your local beauty supply store (so you might actually be fortunate enough to avoid the snail’s pace lines at your larger retail stores).  Take a look:

 1.  Natural Hair Magazine (or an actual subscription)

Help your coily friend keep up with the latest tips and trends with a natural hair magazine. You can REALLY show your love by purchasing a subscription–the gift that keeps on giving!  Some popular natural hair magazines: (1) Naptural Roots, (2) Mhe Magazine, (3) Natura Magazine, and (4) Naturally Happy Hair Magazine…just to name a few 🙂


2.  Natural Hair Shampoo/Conditioner Set (pricey but worth it!)

 Now, this can be tricky, as there are so many brands out there.  Do your research to discover which products she likes and would be interested in trying (what works for one does NOT work for all! The wrong product could have your hair looking & feeling like a bristle pad).  Also, be careful because these can get pricey!  My favorites include Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter products, but I have probably tried over a dozen to decide what works best for my hair.

3.  Stretch Bands/Styling Combs (think of the “puff”)

 You just can’t go wrong with some cute hair clips and bands.  Hair accessories can liven up an outfit and be an avenue for self-expression.  Think about her personal style when choosing these.

4.  A Cool Hat or Cap

Some days are just…hat days.  Make it easy for her and purchase a cute hat to add to her collection.  Caps are ridiculously convenient for rainy days, lazy days, and the “feeling good” days.  Choose one: the Beanie, Fedora, baseball cap or basically any knit cap.  I’ll take a beanie in ALL colors!! **hint, hint** 🙂

natural hair beanie




5.  Natural Hair Inspired Jewelry

This is a cool idea for any girl who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t mind expressing it to the world.  There are so many unique natural hair gifts out there, so take your pick.  Try–you’ll find a plethora of natural hair inspired earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Last, but certainly not least…

6.  Gift Card to a Beauty Supply Store

Give her the power to buy whatever she wants, LoL!  Slightly impersonal, but I’d take a gift card any day.  Take out the guess-work!


Is there anything else you’d add to the list?


Posh.Ink: The Natural Girl’s Tee Shop launches January 2015!  More website/pre-sale details coming soon 🙂  

My Coils Rock

I hope this helps Luvs <3.  Have a fabulous Christmas holiday!!!


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    1. Alli says:

      Thanks for sharing!! Be sure to visit for the pre-sale launch 🙂

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