It’s Cool With Me

I hope you are having an incredibly productive and amazingly awesome #HumpDay! Here in Memphis, the sun is shining like a diamond and the temperature is perfect for a Starbucks coffee meetup with a girlfriend.  This week I’ve been incredibly busy putting the final touches on my website and preparing for the online launch this Saturday.  It might not be a big deal to some, but for me–I’m oober excited! From starting PoshBlog last summer with my PHENOMENAL friends, to finally having the opportunity to share my passion with others is super gratifying. Can’t wait for the coily hair/naturak hair community to check out my tees! Make sure you sign up for my free email list (separate from PoshBlog) for a special launch day promo code. Please share my website link with all of your friends! 😛

My favorite quote of the day:



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