Coils N Kinks

I was just browsing through Instagram, as I normally do throughout day, looking up some of the most vibrant and captivating natural hair photos.  Take a second when you’re free and search a few of the following hashtags: #curlbox #naturalhaircommunity #kinkyhair #naturallydope & #naturalgirlsrock ( just to name a few).  You will find a massive amount of the dopest photos featuring ethnically secure and proud women in the natural hair community–making no apologies for being naturally gorgeous. I love it!

It’s no wonder I had to make some fashionable and relevant t-shirts to compliment the natural haired woman.  It’s a creative outlet for me, plus I just basically cannot wait until the spring and summer to see some of you guys rock my tees (in your own unique way ). Today I followed @unconditionedroots and I want to give you a snapshot of what you’ll most likely see:






I hope you have visited my website: ❤ This is a new venture for me and I’m so excited to share it with you, so show your support by shopping #PoshInkTees 🙂

Phenomenal Coils,

Alli XoXo


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