Never Get Comfortable

My quest to never get comfortable and complacent has led me to create a new challenge for myself. Not anything grand or complex, but I feel like my daily activities are becoming all too much of a routine lately. Now, this newly uncomfortable routine-of-a-life can possibly be attributed to the winter that has just recently passed. Myself, like many others I know, enjoy hibernating throughout the cold winter months, feasting on warm & sweet desserts, developing body-like dents in the sofa and daily gains of body weight on the scale–with total disregard for the spring that lurks around the corner. I’m guilty! For the past few months (outside of my 3-day gym regimen) I have been basically squandering away pocket change at Starbucks for the ever-so-amazing slice of banana nut bread lol. Not only that, but I have also found myself in place on the my sofa, like clock work, poised and positioned for my favorite television series shows (i.e, The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Being Mary Jane, Empire, Scandal, and American Crime…just to name a few) each night of the week. Like what?! The only thing I can say that keeps my daily activities anew is my business, thank God! Since I’m a newbie in the business world, I’m on a learning journey, so in that sense I don’t have the luxury of becoming complacent. I’m literally strategizing and developing new ideas on a daily basis. My creative outlet! But back to the point of this post (cause that doesn’t take away the fact I’m becoming bored with my daily routine). I have decided to challenge myself to do something new each week; something brand new or maybe something I haven’t done in a really long time. I’m not saying each activity I participate in will be all that, but it’s more about keeping me on my toes. I’m in my 30s and I want to remain youthful, vibrant, and happy. So, my challenge will last (initially) for 8 weeks. Now, I could do this all alone or you can join me! I prefer the latter. What activity can you think of that will add a little variety to your daily routine? I’m starting next week. As I write this post I’m really struggling to decide what to do, lol! Good thing I have a few days to decide. Thanks for reading my randomness! I’ll post pics each week of my NEW activity. Hopefully I won’t disappoint😛.


Enjoy the rest of your week!



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