Week 1 #Foodie

Week 1: #Foodie

Last week I told you that I created an 8-week challenge for myself…nothing fancy, but just enough to keep me on my toes by doing (or participating in) something new for eight weeks.  First week, success!  This weekend I have been busy playing host in Memphis, so it was only right to get out and enjoy some culinary goodness.  A buddy of mine came up to visit from Miami, who is an official foodie, therefore I was determined to find a local restaurant to satisfy the tastebuds.  First stop, how about the restaurant, “Local” on Main St. LOL.  We initially set out to try a different restaurant, but the atmosphere of Local drew us in.  Second stop, Saturday Brunch at Brother Juniper’s.  Amazing! A few ladies in the nail salon suggested this restaurant a couple of weeks ago, after I asked for suggestions on choosing the best brunch spot in Memphis.  We were not disappointed.  Over twenty specialty omelets, including a Greek omelet with gyro meat w/ feta and mozzarella cheese…DELISH.  The Belgian waffle came with pure maple syrup, but the waffle had a subtle sweetness to it already.  Before placing my order I think I just looked around the room at everyone’s plate, kinda overwhelmed at the choices.  Our table was a bit off set from the main part of the restaurant, but it really didn’t matter.  I was just happy we made it before brunch ended at 1230pm.  For my first dining experience at Brother Junipers, I give ’em 5 stars.  If you’re in Memphis and love a friendly, inviting atmosphere and tasty breakfast food choices, visit Brother Junipers!  Enjoy your week, Luvs ❤


“The Natural Girl”


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