Week 2 Traveling #Crockpot


This week I have continued my lil 8 week challenge…taking my Crockpot to a buddy’s place to make rotel dip and watch her overdue Redbox DVD, Addicted😄😄. I must say, I’ve never packed up my spices, cheese, and ground chuck before…but we had a blast! Sometimes the simplest of things we get the most enjoyment from. My buddy had a rough week and as supporter and friend, it was the perfect time to chill out (mixin drinks & shootin the breeze). As I said when I began my 8 week challenge, it’s not that I’m
doing anything deep and profound, it’s about avoiding monotonous routine. Do something you enjoy that you haven’t done in a while! Join me, LoL ✌😎. Let’s see what I can get into this week. To be continued…


Have a marvelous week!




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