Better late than…Ok, I’m just late!

Hey PoshBlog readers,

I truly hope that your SWELTERING hot summer has been amazing so far!  I admit, I have not been on my game lately.  Sometimes it feels like I just have so much going on, that I decide to do nothing instead, LOL!  I didn’t post the completion of my non-boredom and anti-monotony challenge (aka 8-week challenge).  If you follow me on IG, you’ve probably already seen photos, so I’m just sharing a few here as well.  Week 7-8 was basically the same.  I geared up for June’s natural hair events: (1) Miss Naturale show in South Mississippi and (2) The Charleston Natural Hair Expo in South Carolina.  Very fun events–met inspiring and beautiful Naturals and entrepreneurs.  Now it is time to be creative and get ready for the fall!  I’m launching some new products that I believe you will love, just in time for the holidays.  I am also looking into a natural hair event (possibly in Houston, TX) to end the 2015 year off with a bang.  Wish me luck!!! I’d like to make room for new products, so visit my online shop POSHINKTEES for natural hair tees today and use Promo Code: News24.  I’m really trying to step my social media game up, so if you have any thoughts or clever ideas on how to reach more Naturals, email me ( or share comments below.

Enjoy your week!! ❤

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