Carefree and Euphoric in Boston ft. Curlfriends: Katty & Laurie


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Roaming Perspective

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Katty Joseph(@soigne_metaphor), Laurie Simpreus(@simplyessence)

Lately I haven’t been able to just sit down and have peace of mind. There’s always something going on in the news, or my life that takes over my thoughts. It may be stress regarding college, police, murders and violence around the city, and sometimes even nonsense regarding politics. However, this past Friday I spent some time in Boston with a good friend of mine being carefree. Euphoric even. With not a care in the world, we woke up early, and took the train into Boston.

Now, it may not have been a trip across the world but it was a small trip where I had to worry about nothing. Sometimes we, as humans, need that. You might not even notice your need for a carefree day. It didn’t register that I needed a day to myself until I was out with a friend just doing what we love– taking photos and…

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