Blood boiling with this “Loose Fro” business 


Refining the Status Quo

Finally moved into my new apartment, a class I was taking is complete, on vacation till Thursday, and my week-long fro has been detangled .  Life is great. I’ve been M.I.A to say the least.  Finally checked social and learned about the “Loose Fro“. ..,

I have nothing nice to say right now so I’ll let you click the link below.

But first…

Naturals, honestly, we need to unite and grow our army. We need to start getting other black women to reclaim their curl. The Standard of Beauty (SOB) and turning to the black female for ideas to turn some quick $$$.

If I play this out in my head it will go something like this:

*The “Loose Fro” becomes mainstream and something to be desirable on anyone withoutmelanin.

*Society starts to over-sexualiZe the “Loose Fro” and it becomes a “thing“. We’ve seen…

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