These Are The Life-changing Makeup Brushes You Have To See!!



Hello Beauties:

If I told you that there are makeup brushes that could possibly change your entire makeup game would you believe me? From the looks of it, the Artis Makeup Brush has huge potential when you compare it to the average makeup brushes we all know and love:

Conventional makeup brushes vs. Artis makeup brushes

Conventional brushes: Conventional makeup brushes use a basic design principle of putting a wad of fur on the tip of a wood stick and binding the two components together.


Artis brushes: Artis brushes use a more natural and ergonomic configuration for the brush. Artis brushes are more like using your own fingers to apply product to your face. The fibers are positioned like the pad of your finger tip and the handle is configured like the length of your finger.

Artis is the Latin word meaning: “skill, method, technique, conduct…

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