Five Ways Black Men Interpret Natural Hair All Wrong


Now, this article isn’t to say that compliments are terrible or that men can never comment on our hair. For the most part, it’s positive and mostly welcomed. However, there are some notions that men can have about natural hair that do more harm than good, or lets me know that they missed the “meaning” of natural hair.

When they assume that you’re low maintenance because you have short natural hair
Because short hair is masculine, right? So if you have short, natural hair, you obviously can’t be into makeup or dressing  up. Right?

Exhibit A 


Exhibit B 


Of course, if you choose to wear minimal makeup, that’s also fine, but I always find the association between the two funny. It’s like they think because you have short, kinky hair, you gave up on your appearance. Most of the naturals I know have amazing makeup skills as well. So yea…

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