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Welcome to PoshBlog!  

Need a little motivation and inspiration? You have come to the right place!

PoshBlog is meant to be a source of Inspiration; a place for creative individuals to come together, stay current with trends in fashion, health & beauty, lifestyle, and business, AND get inspired! The PoshBlog team consists of women, professionals, entrepreneurs, and go-getters who are a part of the following industries: health & fitness, fashion, retail, and non-profit.

PoshBlog is not a natural hair blog–I’m a natural hair enthusiast; it compliments Posh.Ink™, The Natural Girl’s Tee Shop (launched Jan 24, 2015). Looks that inspire me: natural big hair, ethnic facial features, pretty smiles, and bright-colored vintage clothing.  

What is the meaning of POSH?

POSH is about being modern, trendy, and cultured.   For the professional, POSH means to be great at what you do–and having a passion for it!

We want to connect and build relationships with other like-minded individuals. Inspire, Motivate, & Support.


The Natural Girl


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