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In less than 12 hours #The NaturalGirlsTeeShop will be launching Pre-Sales and I want you to be there!  This is for you.  Natural ladies, natural girls, friends of natural girls, and those aspiring to be coily heads in the future…Yassss! Set your clocks and DO.NOT.MISS.IT.  I have already sent special promo codes to Posh.Ink subscribers….

It’s Cool With Me

I hope you are having an incredibly productive and amazingly awesome #HumpDay! Here in Memphis, the sun is shining like a diamond and the temperature is perfect for a Starbucks coffee meetup with a girlfriend.  This week I’ve been incredibly busy putting the final touches on my website and preparing for the online launch this…

Posh.Ink #PreSale #Preview

…So, as promised, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what you will see on during the Posh.Ink Pre-Sale, Jan 24-Feb 15.  Every natural girl should have a tee in her closet that represents her beauty, boldness and POSH hair!  All of the tees on my website are designed with l ❤ ve, by…


So, I am kinda excited and yes, a little crunk…but I just want to share with my PoshBlog followers what I’ve been up to lately.  The launch of my online store is right around the corner (Jan. 24 http://www.poshinktees.com) and I also have set out to be a vendor at this year’s 2nd Annual New…

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