Guess What Posh Stars!!!!  I got’s the teee, on whats going down in H-Town (in my Tamar  voice). The best time in fashion has arrived!  What time is that you ask? Well I’ll tell you…. I’m talking about Designers Fashion Houston also known as FH5!!!  For the next four days the best…

New Posh Naturalista!

This week’s Posh Naturalista is DeeDee Jackson, in Houston, TX. “My hair is a representation of myself. I love every texture that flows from my roots. Every strand thick & strong but if u handle too much it will break. It must be handled with care & patience in order to thrive., because at the…

Something new….

Hey Posh stars…. I want to challenge myself and also offer you day to day outfit ideas by showcasing my daily or weekly outfits. This will be a challenge for me bc I will have to remember to take a picture everyday and it will also let you into my Lil world of fashion. So…

Thanks for the Posh Luv!

Today’s Shout-Out goes to Veronica Turner, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Vee is #TeamPoshInk and #TeamPoshInk!!  :)) Thanks for the support Vee:)) Want a PoshBlog Tee?  Go here: Live.Your.Passion. -Alli    

Thanks for the Support! #TeamPoshInk #TeamPoshBlog

Today’s Shout-Out goes to Kimberly Wadley, in Jackson, Mississippi.  She is #TeamPoshInk/#TeamPoshInk and I’m loving it!!   Thanks for the support Kim:)) Want a PoshBlog Tee?  Go here: Live.Your.Passion. -Alli    

4th of July Style!!

Hello Posh Stars happy 4th of July!!! I know your all getting ready for your family bar bqs, firework show, or even a day at the movies. I just wanted to give a lil outfit inspiration. ..just to help you get ur day started. Now that’s Posh!!! .:kemistry

DENIM, DENIM, and more DENIM!!!

It’s that time again…Summer Time…and if you live in H-Town like me you already know it’s going to be a hot one!!!  Along with the heat comes a lot of summer trends. One of the hottest trends this year is denim!!! Now lets talk about denim!!! Denim is a year round fashion fixture.  There are…